Can you paint a sofa?

Yes, you can paint a sofa

But it’s a long, messy process. You can cover up the sofa with canvas first and then paint it.

1.First you take off all the stuff on top of the sofa (like pillows etc)

Then use a brush to apply white primer paint on every part of the subject that will be painted in another color. It takes a few coats, but make sure it’s completely dry before applying the next coat.

The primer serves two purposes: One is to ensure that your later colors won’t soak into any previous layers of color coating; second, it can fix any little bumps or scratches you may have made while sanding down earlier mess-ups and allow for smooth application of subsequent coats. After this step is done, you can paint right on top of the primer.

So, you need:

  1. A brush
  2. Primer (white or whatever color you plan to use as your UNDERLYING color)
  3. Several cans of spray paint (the specific colors are up to you — this is something that should be decided on beforehand with other people involved in the project.)

If you’re planning to do a second layer of another color on top of your first coat (and all future layers), then make sure your primer is COMPLETELY dry before applying the next coat(s). I would recommend leaving it overnight just to be safe. Also, if there are any areas where mistakes were made and you want to fix them, bring along some white paint and a brush to fix them.

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As for application, I personally would recommend wearing something with long sleeves and pants — this stuff gets EVERYWHERE! You’ll want to start off by priming the entire sofa (sides, back, etc.) with your primer coat. Let it dry COMPLETELY before starting on anything else.

2. Paint your sofa with chalkboard paint

for an easy way to keep track of what’s on the schedule.

Look for chalkboard paint that is more of a flat look, rather than oil-based or glossier paint.  I found this one on Amazon that supposedly works with fabric (it’s made by Plaid and the description says it works on fabric) so hopefully, it’ll work well!

To start off, just apply the first coat as you’d normally do with any other kind of paint — make sure there is plenty of coverage so when you write on it later, your writing will show up nicely. After it dries, take some chalk and test out what the surface feels like to write on.

If you’re satisfied with how smooth/coarse it feels (just scribble all over it really quickly), then allow the first coat to completely dry, then move on to the next step. If you want a really smooth finish for writing/drawing on it, just add another coat or two. Once you are satisfied with how it feels, let it dry for 24 hours and write away!

You can erase the chalk by rubbing it off with an eraser (or a damp cloth) — this works best if you erased it while the paint is still wet (the moisture will make the chalk come off more easily).

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You can also get specially made chalk inks that don’t even require any rubbing, but I haven’t tried them so I can’t speak from experience as to how well they work. Also, I saw some recommendations online saying that you should seal your painted

3. Paint your furniture with chalkboard paint for quick organization and clean-up.

How to:

First, tape off your furniture if you want a border around the edges of your paint. I feel like this makes it look even better when the scuffs are all in one place. Then wait for that to dry. My particular couch was stain-resistant microfiber so we decided not to protect it with anything else (we didn’t even use paint primer!).

I could see leaving it as is if you were painting a darker color. But if you have a lighter or brighter color, consider applying some shellac to the piece beforehand. That will protect your couch from any damage that might occur and keep your paint job looking nice! Then fill in your black areas.

4. Use bright colors or patterns

To make your living room feel homier. For example, if your sofa isn’t great (like mine) you could change the look completely by covering it in bright accent pillows.

Or you can just add a bunch of throw blankets to make the room feel cozy. The same goes for bright wall art or pictures on the wall – it gives a big impact with very little effort!

5. Give your old couch a new life by painting it!  

It’s a great way to add some spring or summer flair to your living room without breaking the bank.  And it just takes a little bit of time and paint! The best part is, you can totally do this yourself.

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6. If you’re feeling extra adventurous

Try painting one side of the couch in a different color than the other side (or vice versa) for some added interest! If you’re planning to do your first layer of color on all areas that have been primed, wait 24 hours after the primer dries.

If you’re planning on painting only some of the areas, however, give it another 48 hours or so before applying your first coat of color

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