Can You Paint Leather Sofa?

Can I Paint Leather Sofa?

You can paint leather to a certain degree, but you may not achieve the desired result. Leather is typically finished with a coating of some kind used as protection against both stains and wear. As well, the dyes that are used in finishing will often affect paint adhesion. You may be able to get the paint to stick if you properly prepare the leather first, but it’s best not to take the risk.

You will need:

primer latex gloves masking tape (if required) sandpaper

Steps for preparing your furniture:

Use latex gloves when handling chemicals so that they don’t damage your skin. If you’re using oil-based primers, make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area and follow all manufacturer’s instructions.

Depending on the condition of your leather sofa, you may need to sand it down before painting with primer. If the paint is chipping or there are scratches on the surface, make sure that they are sanded out so that you have a nice smooth surface to work with.

If you can’t find oil-based primer at your local hardware store, use latex paint (usually water-based) as a substitute for oil-based products.

Can You Paint Leather Sofa

Steps for priming and painting:

You should always prime leather furniture before attempting to paint it. Use a quality latex primer from your hardware store and follow all manufacturer’s instructions when applying the product. After allowing the primer to dry completely according to the directions on the container, apply a top coat of latex paint. You should use the same kind of paint that you would for any regular wood-based furniture, just be sure to test it on an inconspicuous area first. If you are happy with your results, begin painting small sections at a time using even strokes and taking care not to over-brush in any one place. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying another layer of color or varnish for extra protection.

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The materials and tools needed will vary depending on what color you choose to use (or if you decide to go with clear) and whether or not you want to add a protective sealant after your work has dried properly.

  • Sand the leather down until all the chipping is gone and the leather is soft.
  • Wipe away as much of the dust created by sanding as possible.
  • Place painter’s tape on the edges and then cut around them with a sharp blade to prevent excess paint from getting onto your work surface.
  • Apply two coats of paint or varnish, allowing each application to dry completely before applying another.

Your home furnishings are often an investment (both financially and emotionally) so it may be worth spending a little extra money on high-quality paints for furniture or at least buying several testers before you begin in order to have a variety of colors available should you want to change things up later on down the line. If you decide against painting it yourself, take care not to pay too much for furniture that has already been painted, as the refinishing job may not be holding up very well.

In fact, you might want to use some kind of primer if your piece of furniture is made from a porous material such as wood or wicker so that it will absorb your paint and stay looking nice longer.

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