Do Sofa Savers Work?

The idea behind sofa savers is they prevent wear & tear on your expensive furniture. The thought of pulling out a few bucks and folding some fabric over the arms makes perfect sense if you want to prolong the life of your stuff…but does it really work?

“I’ve never used one, but I don’t see why they would hurt,” said Brandon Hill with Stageworks Recliners in Davenport. “People use them as padding just so they can get their kids off the couch.”

But do they actually protect from scuffs and scratches?

A representative at Flexsteel says using a sofa saver will not help or hurt. But here’s what we found when we put it to the test ourselves.

Furniture industry experts at Accurate Upholstery in Moline saw our hidden camera video and say it was clear that the arm of the sofa protected better than the fabric we put on top.”

“If you’re going to do something you may as well use a piece of furniture or fabric that’s going to protect your couch,” said Coble.

Testers at Accurate upholstery also noticed how easily visible scuffs were left by their testing device when using just a paper towel. But when they used a saver, much less damage was done.

even after continuing to rub for about 30 seconds. They admit any kind of protection is better than nothing, but advise always putting your feet up on a coffee table.

Oh, you bet they do. Sofa savers (also known as slipcovers) are a very inexpensive way to protect your investment in high-quality furniture that may have cost a pretty penny when it was purchased.

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Regardless of whether the furniture is new or vintage and regardless of how careful you are when you’re around it, it will likely be subjected to spills from beverages, food, and dust accumulation from natural wear over time. In addition to protecting your sofa covers,

There are other good reasons why everyone should invest in these covers:

  1. They provide an easy method for cleaning your couch without doing any damage. You simply remove the cover(s) and take it outside where you can hose it off to remove the dust and dirt. It’s fast and it’s efficient.
  2. They will help prevent you from damaging your sofa by removing a lot of wear and tear on the cushions, arms, and backrest that can occur during normal use.
  3. There is no need to worry about having your couch cleaned by professionals anymore because you can clean it at home yourself using these covers.
  4. They’re very inexpensive compared to having your furniture professionally cleaned or replaced altogether when they become unsightly or damaged beyond repair.

The disadvantage of Buying Covers:

The only disadvantage of buying covers for your couches is that some people may find them a bit inconvenient due to having to take them off, especially if they have small children in their home.

For safekeeping, you can even put them in your closet until the next time you need them to protect your couch again. Bottom line:

Whether it’s due to pets or just kids being kids, couches usually get dirty a lot faster than most people care for. But thanks to sofa savers, this will no longer be a problem.

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They are available in different styles and sizes that allow you to choose the right one that will give optimal protection against dirt and spills.

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