Does DFS Take away Old Sofa?

Yes, With the help of our company, we can take away your old and sofas for free within a week. Many other companies charge you money to get rid of your old junk stuff but that is not the case with us. Our company is fully dedicated to recycling items which might seem useless to other people or companies but it’s very useful to us. We recycle these items into rags or sell them as second-hand furniture etc.

What type of Payments do you accept?

We only accept cash payments at a normal bank rate. All extra charges will be paid by the customer if necessary. We also offer good discounts for bulk buyers and regular customers.

Can you remove all the items from the kitchen?

Yes, we can remove all the items from your kitchen but it will cost some extra money depending on the quantity of items and space needed to store them. We need to take these items away in one go so that our vehicle is free for other jobs at any time. So if you want us to do it then we must have a proper discussion over the phone or email with the customer before coming into the job site.

Is there any minimum charge for Removing Sofa?

There is no minimum charge, you only pay when we arrive at your place and start removing junk stuff from your home/office/shop, etc. You must not put anything in front of the truck while arriving otherwise additional charges will be applied accordingly.

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You love your old sofa but at the same time, you like to buy a new one which matches your room design theme. It is a tough call as on one hand, you don’t want to spend money on the traditional sofa and new stuff which will go inside storage once again but on the other hand, you don’t want to make space for old crap either. Well! ! The answer can be Dump-Away® Junk Removal Service whether it is home furniture or unwanted appliances. We remove all kinds of junk material from any place i.e. home, office, warehouse etc… so dump away your worries by hiring us today!

What kind of items do we take?

We are proud of saying that we take anything and everything from anywhere we just need a little space to load our truck! We do not make any discrimination about what are we taking because it is your junk so call us and tell us what you want to dump away.

Does DFS Take away Old Sofa?

We take anything, no matter where it is located – under the sink in kitchen or somewhere on attic. You can also mention if there is some old sofa which stinks or anything else that can be considered as junk material in this case too we will remove it all.

We make use of various truck sizes so we can take anything that you want to dump away. We also have people who are well-trained and understand the importance of safety and security issues.

They will load your junk with great care, it is not like some men in white vans arrive unannounced at your doorsteps and then start throwing all your junk into their vehicle no one has ever done that before! So do not let this kind of service affect you anymore hire us today!

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We can either collect the items from your house or our offloaders will come to take them from wherever they are located.

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