How big is a 3 Seater Sofa?

  • Deep: 35 Inches
  • Width: 84 Inches
  • Seat: 35 Inches deep x 60 Inches Wide
  • Armchair: 35 inches deep x 35 inches width

1. The 3 seater sofa is a great way to provide more seating in the living room, but what do you know about it before buying one

2. What are some things to consider when purchasing a 3 seater sofa

3. There are many different styles of 3 seater sofas from traditional, contemporary and modern designs

4. It’s important to measure your space before making any purchase as well as keep in mind how much weight the sofa will need to support

5. Plus there are a number of different materials such as leather or fabric which can be used for upholstery on these types of sofas

6. If you’re still not sure after reading this blog post then get in contact with us at Furniture City for help and advice on finding the right type of 3 seater sofa for your home!

If you mean the length then a 3 seater sofa will vary but for most normal-sized people 3 seats will fit them and not allow much room to spare on each end unless one was sitting close to the arms with their legs folded or stretched over the seat.

The width is similar as there are different sizes of sofa out there. A normal-sized one will allow 2 people side-by-side with an average amount of space between them. This isn’t including how big the person is either (height vs size). An even number of men/women won’t usually fit side-by-side on a 3 seater if they don’t have much of a gap between them.

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A couple won’t fit side-to-side unless the woman sits next to one arm and the man beside her does as well (if that makes sense) or if they keep their legs together (which looks odd).

If you mean the depth then, after some research it seems that there is no standard measurement for this but there are measurements of each individual chair’s depth. I guess it just depends on how big someone wants their sofas to be.

People usually buy 3 seaters with enough room for 2 people end-to-end without having their feet hanging off the edge or being squeezed in too close like sardines.

An average sofa or chair might be around 2000mm deep.

A 3 seater sofa will be different sizes depending on the manufacturer, but for most, it’s going to offer seating space for three people. Usually, they’ll all have an armrest on either one side or two, although some manufacturers make them without any arms at all.

The normal width of a three-seater sofa should measure around 183cm wide which means you can easily sit side by side with enough room in between each person to stretch out their legs and lay down if needs be.

The depth of the three-seater will usually measure around 101cm deep meaning there isn’t much more room than that available to lie down, however, if you included the armrests as well then you would gain around another 22-23cm of room available to lie down.

The length on most three-seater sofas will measure around 231cm long, however, you should always check the specific measurements of a sofa before buying it to be sure it’s suitable for your requirements. The depth of the chair will usually have about a 15cm gap between the armrest and the actual edge of the seat cushion which can make when trying to lay down quite a struggle.

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A three-seater sofa will be around 21cm from the floor to the top of the seat cushion, and around 10-11cm from you sitting on it.

Three-seater sofas are usually quite deep as well which gives them a sturdy feel, they can usually hold up to two heavy people at one time without their legs being squashed by someone else lying in between them.

They also generally weigh quite a lot which means they are often sturdier than other types of chairs or sofas available on the market such as futons, convertibles, or sectionals.

Both armrest and backrest cushions do tend to vary depending on the make and model of your chosen sofa with some initially coming with cushions but others requiring you to supply your own.

There are lots of nice soft, comfy cushions that can be purchased separately if you choose this type though which look just as stylish and will make your new sofa feel brand new once again.

It is a fairly upmarket piece of furniture, with many stores selling it for over £1000. If you are in the market for one: (there are 2 main types of 3 seater sofas available) check out John Lewis and Habitat.  They tend to be known for their high-quality designer furniture and often get some great designer ranges coming through.

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