How much does a Sleeper Sofa Weigh?


Sofas can be quite heavy, especially if they are upholstered in fabric. They usually weigh about the same as a mattress, which means that you would need to lift something close to 200 pounds before attempting to carry it by yourself. ¬†That’s why it’s important for the people who will be around the sofa when it is being moved (including children) to know how much does a sleeper sofa weighs so they don’t hurt themselves or get injured while moving furniture.

How Much Does A Sofa Weigh?

Before we provide our answer to this question, we should first point out that many sofas come with special features, such as recliners and ottomans that add weight and make things more complicated.  That said, most sleeper sofas weigh between 120 and 150 pounds. The heavier a sofa is, the harder it will be to move around and lift alone.

Sleeper Sofa Weight Comparison To Mattresses

A queen-sized mattress typically weighs 70 to 90 pounds. ¬†It’s important to note that you should never attempt to lift anything more than ten percent of your body weight (use this tool as a guideline). This means that an average 80-pound person cannot pick up something that is over eight pounds unless they have help from someone else who can take at least part of its weight off their hands.

A futon or sofa bed, which is usually less than 5 inches thick when opened into a bed, is much lighter than a mattress. ¬†Futons and sofa beds often weigh around 50 to 80 pounds depending on the size of the piece, which means that it’s safe for an average-sized person to lift them without help. It’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t attempt to lift something more than ten percent of your body weight (use this tool as a guideline).

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Sofa Weight And Size Chart The dimensions listed here are approximate; check with the manufacturer or retailer for exact measurements. Sleeper Sofa Weight Information Brand Model Bed Size Dimensions Weight DHP Sleepers Modern Convertible Sofa Queen 75″ x 36″ x 35″ 55 Pounds DHP Sleepers Adele Sleeper Sofa Full 72″ x 35″ x 36″ 65 Pounds DHP Sleepers Modern Convertible Sofa Full 75″ x 36″ x 35″ 55 Pounds.

Sleeper couch weight and size guide Generally, the bigger a sofa is, the heavier it will weigh. Typically, you can expect these weights for a sleeper sofa: Twin 79 pounds Full 109 pounds Queen 137 pounds King 182 pounds.

Stuffed and ready to go Once you no longer have any need for the bed, take it out of storage. Before removing it from its bag or box, give it a shake to fluff up the pillows and mattress; otherwise, they might be ruined by being trapped in compression. Finally, don’t forget to remove all plastic wrap and stickers.

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