6 Recommendations For How To Arrange Pillows On A Couch

Would you like to give the final touch in the decoration of your living room? Pillows may be a possible option. You can find them in different shapes, textures, colors, sizes … Without a doubt, they are a possibility that can give a lot of play.

So it’s important to know how to arrange pillows on a couch and you want to place the pillows on the couch correctly then it is important to take into account some recommendations, which we are going to leave throughout this article.

The pillows are undoubtedly the final touch in the decoration of our living room, and more specifically on the couch or sofa. Although they do not have a large size, with them we can give personality to our best sofas.

“In the world of design and decoration, every detail matters, you must know how to arrange pillows on the couch”

In addition to being great decorative mode, the pillows increase the feeling of comfort, of comfort. That is why we also see them outside the rooms: in bedrooms, in patios or terraces, in our favorite corners to read or simply to look out the window.

We all need some relaxing moments, after a day of overwork what we most want is to get home to sit on the couch. With the pillows, we can make this moment even more pleasant and comfortable.

Here are 6 tips or recommendations so you know how to arrange pillows on a couch without any problem.

  1. From outside to inside

This is very important for you: we always have to start from the sides. The best thing is that in the corners we place those that are larger and place the others towards the center area, leaving the smaller ones for the end.

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If you are in favor of minimalist decoration, you can try to place pillows only in the area of the ends leaving the central part of the couch completely free.

That way they won’t get our attention as they enter the room. That feeling of spaciousness and tranquility so typical of this style will continue to reign.

  1. Symmetry and appropriate Pillows size

Without a doubt, symmetry is a very important aspect to take into account when proceeding to place the pillows. This idea is closely linked to that of order, harmony, and perfection.

Therefore, it is essential that you always buy the pillows in pairs, two by two. Let’s see, they don’t have to be exactly the same, but they do have some common characteristics that make them pleasing to the eye.

You must place one at each end, always in the same position. For example, each occupying the corner area and so on.

As for the ideal size of pillows, we must choose it based on the size of your couch. The 50 × 50 are quite versatile, they adapt to any type of couch. You just have to be careful when combining them with the other pillows we have chosen. Although there is a difference in size between them, it must be proportionate.

  1. How many pillows do I put?

In the previous section, we have commented that we should always arrange them on the couch in a symmetrical way. Also, choose the number of pillows, this should always be odd.

If you want a trick to calculate how many pillows you have to put you can do the following: put one or two pillows more than places your couch has. So, if your couch has 3 seats, you should put at least 5 pillows.

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Obviously, you also have to take into account the size of the pillows or what shape is, since if for example two of them are rectangular or elongated, they will take up more space.

Without a doubt, the fact of choosing an odd number makes the space more attractive to the eye (in our case the living room).

  1. According to the colors and prints of the couch

The sizes and ways of placing the pillows are linked to the colors and patterns since depending on the pillows you choose you will proceed to place them.

In the case of unicolor sofas, it is best to take full advantage of using pillows of different colors but preferably neutral as a base, and patterned pillows that match the colors of the room and the couch.

On the contrary, being a printed couch, the colors of the pillows should be neutral and with few prints, so that the couch is not reloaded, even when the couch is neutral in color, it is best to choose a maximum of four prints.

  1. Combine them

As you can see, there are many types of pillows available in the market. Let’s not forget the online decoration stores, which make it easier for us to make our purchases.

Therefore, it is super easy to get pillows that look good on your couch. To give the final result a more lively/dynamic touch, we recommend that you play with different textures, colors, and sizes.

Of course, to prevent the couch from being overloaded, it would be ideal to combine some plain pillows with some prints.

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For that it is important to know well which colors stick more to each other, to play with all the possibilities. Obviously, you have to take into account the colors of other textiles, such as curtains, blankets or carpets.

  1. And on a sofa with chaise longues?

Also known as a corner sofa, we will need to vary the placement of the pillows a little. In these cases, it is not so easy to apply the idea of symmetry and proportion.

So, to achieve that sense of balance, you have to place more pillows on the opposite side of the chaise longues. This will result in a more compensated result since the chaise longues area has more visual weight naturally, it is not necessary to place pillows to enhance it.


As you have seen, it is necessary to pay a little attention to how to arrange pillows on a couch. If you follow these guidelines you will get a much more comfortable and cozy sofa and you will definitely learn about how to arrange pillows on a couch.

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