How To Fix Electric Recliner Chairs Mechanism

If you want to relax at your home, then the recliners are the only thing that provides you complete comfort.

The recliners are the best place to watch movies, TV shows, for reading books, and also cuddle your pet.

However, recliners are the most overused pieces of furniture, but whenever it happened to you that your favorite recliner is damaged due to overuse and then you think that call the technician and help you.

But do you think that how to fix electric recliner chairs by yourself like an expert? It might be possible that this question appears in your mind off and on, but you may think that it is a difficult task.

For your kind information, fixing the power reclining sofa problems is not difficult, especially when you know how to install electric recliner chair parts.

But don’t worry because, in this article, we will tell you about how to fix electric recliner chairs. After reading the complete article, you can quickly fix lazy boy recliner problems.

What is an Electric Recliner Chair?

The electric recliner chairs are those chairs that provide you complete relaxation at your home. When you sit on that chair, then it always reclines your back and also raises your feet.

The electric recliner chair contains an independent motor for the footrest and backrest, and this motor of the electric recliner chair offers a wide range of movement.

1. The Recliner is Not Opening or Closing

It is one of the most common lazy boy recliner problems that using the recliner might not be opened or closed after some time.

We all know that same as with the other working mechanism, the recliner also contains too many moving parts like the joints and springs.

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If your recliner has difficulty in moving, then it means some of its moving parts become stiff.

If you face this problem and think about how to fix the electric recliner chair opening and closing problem, then don’t worry because the solution to this problem is straightforward.

You just have to apply some force at the time of opening or closing your recliner; if this trick does not work, you have to grease the recliner’s internal parts.

Applying the grease to the internal parts will help every aspect move smoothly and work perfectly, and the opening and the closing problem will be fixed.

2. Electric Recliner Stopped Working When You Open

The other problem that users might face is that their electric recliner stopped working, especially when it’s open.

If you face the same problem, that is power recliner not working, then don’t worry because we are giving you some solutions to this problem.

The first thing you can do to solve this problem is to check correctly that you have plugged it in and the outlet has the power.

If all perfect, you have to unplug and plug it back in; if still, you face the same problem, then it is confirmed that your recliner has the wiring problem.

Now off the electricity and check all wire connections that are present inside the recliner. If you have found that the wire has a cut in half, you have to reconnect both sides of the wire.

Cover the wire with the help of electrical tape to ensure that both sides of the wire are connected safely with each other.

After checking all the things and no wires are cut or loose, your recliner has a problem with the hand control or motor.

3. The Recliner Doesn’t Move Or Making Noise

The other problem that users face is when they use the lever; the recliner may not move or move but not recline smoothly; if you face this problem, then don’t worry, we will tell you how to fix the electric recliner chairs not moving problem.

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To solve this problem, first, you have to make sure that when you use the lever, then hold it at least 5 seconds at the time of both inclining and declining.

If you jerk the lever, then it might be possible that the recliner becomes stiff and doesn’t move.

The other reason that the recliner doesn’t move is it might be possible that something is blocking the recliner’s path, then in this situation, you have to make sure that the recliner’s path is clear.

Some people face the problem that their recliner moves perfectly, but when they open or close the recliner, it makes a loud noise.

If you face this problem, then it might be possible that your footrest rod creates this problem because sometimes the footrest rod popped out from its original place. To avoid the noise problem, you have to fix or replace the footrest rod in its proper place.

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Things To Do If Power Recliner Is Not Working

If the power recliner is not working, then the question is how to fix electric recliner chairs. So the first thing you have to do is try and troubleshoot.

You have to find the problem, locate where the problem occurs, and try to fix the problem with the above-given solutions.

Other than this, you can check the transformer box present at the back of the furniture; you have to see that if the transformer lights green, then it means the electrical is fine.

If the transformer light is red, then it means your recliner has an electrical issue.

How To Fix Electric Recliner Chairs Mechanism And Troubleshoot

If you want to know about how to fix electric recliner chairs, then the best way to troubleshoot the electric recliner chair is first to note the position.

If your recliner has stopped working when you open it, then it might be possible the electric parts of the recliner are causing the problem.

In this situation, you check that all the recliner wires are connected; if not, then reconnect the wires. You have to check it is plugged in properly or not.

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Your recliner might stop in the middle, then in this condition, the mechanism cut a wire, and you have to reconnect the wire and cover it with the electric tape.

The next problem is if you don’t know about the situation, then in this condition, the best solution is you have to reset your recliner.

The reset button is present between the open and close controls. You just have to press the reset button, and your recliner will reset automatically.

Ashley Furniture Power Recliner Not Working

If you are an Ashley user and your Ashley furniture power recliner not working, then in this situation, you can claim the warranty.

If you have bought the Ashley furniture in the past five years, then you have a chance to claim a warranty.

To repair for power recliner or the replacement, you can contact directly with Ashley furniture.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Troubleshooting

If you are a Lazy Boy user, then the good news for you is that Lazy Boy comes with a ten-year warranty.

If you find the Lazy Boy recliner problems or your recliner stops working, then you contact them.

You can contact the retailer from whom you bought the Lazy Boy recliner chair but you have to make sure to take the proof of your purchase.


After reading the complete article I hope you completely understand how to fix electric recliner chairs. You just have the right information and you can easily save your money and you don’t have to go to the mechanic.

If you have any questions related to how to fix electric recliner chairs, then you can ask us in the comment section without any hesitation and we will definitely reply to your comment.

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