How Wide is a King Size Bed Frame?

Last week, I and my wife decide to change the furniture in the room. We decided to exchange the bed with a king-size bed. Then we can go to the showroom and select the bed color and design.

My wife gets information about more color and design of the king-size bed frame. MD tell him we have many color and design in this frame. After a long discussion, we decided on bed and exchange with his room bed.

The Best Way to Measure the King Size Bed Frame

I want to share some information with you about King size bed that is important if you want to purchase. Am share bed frame size and color etc that are helpful for you. Now we will start his topic.

Category of beds

The most familiar bed size terminology that people commonly associate with include twin, full, queen, and king. Twin and full-size beds are for the child. These beds are specially designed for a child. If you want to purchase a bed for his child then am suggest you buy a twin or full-size bed.

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Now we will discuss Queen and King size bed these beds is specially designed for the married couple. If you have a new marriage then I suggest you buy Queen or King bed.

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Information about King Size Mattress

The size of the bed is 76*80 Size in inches and 6’4″*6’8″ in feet. Now it’s time to choose the right option you must choose the right mattress for his king size bed dimensions.

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The mattress has an important role in sleeping because the first thing is mattress then you have bed size means to say peoples compromise on bed size if possible but have no compromise on the mattress.

If you have an uncomfortable mattress then bed size is morel less. So please decide the right mattress for his king size mattress. Now a day many companies provide a verity of mattresses that are very comfortable for us.  

Information about King Bed Dimensions

In this article, we will discuss only King size bed. First of all, we discuss king size bed frame and mattress. King size bed has 76*80 size in inches and 6’4″*6’8″ in feet.  Most people have no idea about king size mattress dimensions.

They have a ruff idea to purchase a bed. I suggest you want to buy anything you must have a piece of proper information about the product. For example, you want to buy a king-size bed then you must have proper information about king size bed.

If you have not then it’s not good because when you have no information then it’s possible anyone misguides about the product and its chance to receive the extra amount and provide you a second class product.

If a simple frame is all you want, then you can expect to add, on average, between 2 to 5 inches extra to your mattress measurements. This is to accommodate the materials the frame is made from, although exact dimensions will always be offered by the manufacturer. King size beds are actually the same length as a queen-size bed, but the difference lies in width.

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Below Picture that Clearly Describes the How Wide is a King Size Bed

The above picture shows the size of the King size bed. First of all, we will share information about the back height of the bed. The back height of the King size bed is 39.8″ from floor and width is 78.5″.

The front side end has an accurate 78.5″ size and total height is 14.2″. Now we will know about the foot of the bed, the size of the foot of the bed is 6.9″.

And the length of the bed is 80.5″. These measurements are much important when you want to purchase the bed. I suggest you keep all measurements of king size bed in mind.

If you have a question What is the difference between King size bed and Queen size bed? Because I keep in the same category. When am share a picture with you of King size bed and Queen size bed then you will easily understand.

King size VS Queen size

How Wide is a King Size Bed Frame?

Above both images clearly define the difference between King size bed and Queen size bed. Both beds have the same length but have a difference in width and also have a difference in height. One thing is a more interesting Queen size bed has more height of back then King Size Bed Measurements. Foot to these two beds is the same.

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