What Size Sofa Will Fit Through a Door??

A standard 80cm wide doorway is not big enough to accommodate most sofas, regardless of their size as they are generally too deep and the legs too long for the opening.

However there are ways around this, e.g. buy a sectional which folds up (so you can just lift it over your head) or seek out more shallow items such as futons:

if you have a very fat friend see if they would mind lying on top of it; get some skates and roll it over; block the rest of the doorway with something flush against the back wall like kitchen units plus anything you can pile up behind it and have either very strong young men or a team of oxen pushing.

Many sofa manufacturers produce modular items, for example, sofa-beds and corner units (which are much less deep than standard sofas). For larger ones consider something which is made to order – they’ll be happy to tell you how big it will be as well.

Be careful though; the basic measurements they give won’t include the armrests, depth of seat cushions, etc., but bear in mind that these matter a lot too.

You could buy an electric carving knife or chainsaw and remove unwanted parts afterward, but if you are not sure about this option check with your insurance company first! Also, remember that if there is an electrical element involved (for example an electric blanket) you will have to factor that into the measurements.

You can also buy sofas with a hydraulic mechanism for raising and setting them up; these usually come in standard sizes which will fit through most doors but measure carefully just the same.

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For small sofas consider getting one that comes apart easily. This might be a folding model or one with removable arms or headrests etc., as it will be easier to get through smaller spaces.

Remember you’ll need somewhere to keep all its components until they’re needed again. If your sofa is already made remove any large cushions or backrests first, then dismantle it wherever possible; leave furniture screws in a place where possible if you need to reassemble it later, rather than using furniture grippers/cement or tacks.

Check the sizes of both openings you’ll be passing through carefully, then measure your sofa and add an extra 5cm each way for wiggle room. Note: if you have a sectional (with armrests) make sure they are measured too.

If any part is wider than the doorway check how well it can be dismantled;

cushions can often be removed easily enough but large backrests might not come apart very much at all. Consider whether taking the base with arms attached will fit better, especially if you’re only needing to take one piece through.

Don’t forget that corner sections may stick out further so plan accordingly when working what size sofa will fit through a door, check the depth of your hallway and whether you have enough space to the side for someone to open the front door without hitting the furniture.

If it is tight, think about how you would position it in order to get around corners; if needed, widening your doorway may be easier than trying to drag your piece past building structures. Consider measuring up what size sofa will fit through a door.

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If your panels are shorter or longer than standard widths this could affect not only where they go but also how well with armrests) make sure they are measured too.

If any part is wider than the what size sofa will fit through a door, you have to consider if they can go upstairs or whether there is a lift big enough. Have a good look at the ceiling heights in your home and make sure it will fit – don’t just leave it until the last minute to check! If you are having trouble working out how your what size sofa will fit through a door checkout out our room measurement guide.

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