What Sofa Goes with Wingback Chairs?

The sofa is the most important element in any living room, providing a focal point for relaxation and sociability. The right choice can create a welcoming space that invites lingering while the wrong one could prove uncomfortable, inhibiting conversation or blocking access to other furniture.

Check Sofas to go with wingback chairs:

  • Contemporary upholstered
  • Velvet Sectional couch
  • Rolled arm leather
  • Same colored couch to your chair
  • 2 couches with 2 wingbacks
  • Box-styled love-seats with floral wingback chairs

Wingback Chairs

A wing-backed chair has two long wings, usually upholstered, extending from its back at around ear level (“high back”) or lower (“low back”). The name comes from their supposed resemblance to the wings of a hunting bird (the French word “agile” means eagle). In some cases, the front of the wings is finished with decorative carved wood. In other cases, it appears to be a solid, carved piece.

Wingback chairs are used in both formal and informal settings. They are appropriate in a business office, behind a dining table, or as extra seating anywhere around the home.

They’re especially popular in libraries and waiting rooms where visitors can comfortably settle into them for extended periods of time while relaxing their body against the back support and folding their legs under the chair if they wish to get comfortable.


A sofa is really just a long couch; while couches that seat three people are rarer than those that seat fewer (a loveseat being more usual), any very large person might welcome the extra room.

While conceptually a sofa is just long enough for three people, many sofas are longer than this; Sofas in the UK average around 6 feet (183 cm) wide, while couches in Australia tend to be about 6’6″ (198 cm).

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In both countries, they tend towards being bigger in the South where they are used more often by families than in the North where they are used more often as occasional pieces of furniture for guests.

Finding the right size sofa for a room can be time-consuming. But finding the perfect fit goes beyond choosing dimensions–you also have to think about style and color. Sometimes, though, your room is so beautiful that you want it to take center stage.

This is when the only thing more important than your seating choice is how well it pairs with everything else in the space. So if you love your wingback chairs, but don’t know what kind of sofa will look best next to them, check out these tips from The Home Depot experts:

General Guidelines:

Grab a notepad or sketch out some rough drawings on loose pieces of paper until you find something that makes you happy. You may decide halfway through your brainstorming session that what you have isn’t working, so don’t be afraid to start over.

The Home Depot’s most successful design strategy is the use of a larger piece placed in front of a smaller one. This can easily be done with two couches- one taller and one shorter.

You can also go with something like an oversized chair or bench for scale and then pair it with a small sofa or loveseat if you want your seating options to be easy on your guests’ legs when they are sitting down.

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